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The Rural Channel is proud to bring you the training techniques of Jonathan Field!  Keep an eye out for his segments within our “Equine Block” of programming.  For more information on Jonathan please visit his website.

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Read below to learn more about Jonathan Field and his techniques.  Courtesy of Jonathanfield.net

“In 2006 Jonathan took all the theory, skills and experiences from his life with horses and integrated them into his own method of teaching people how to become excellent with their horses:  Jonathan Field Horsemanship, Inspired by Horses™.

Jonathan refers to his program as Inspired by Horses™ because it is the horses that inspired him to develop it.  It is a program designed with the horse in mind through every step while developing the relationship between horse and human, or the ultimate predator with the ultimate prey animal.  Teaching you to think the way a horse thinks keeps your horse interested in you, allowing you to gain access to something very special – the ultimate relationship with a horse.

With Jonathan’s natural ability to communicate, he’s made his program fun and easy to understand in a step-by-step format designed to teach you how to achieve your dreams with horses.

Jonathan Field Liberty

The Field Horsemanship Program begins with an 80% focus on teaching you the skills, abilities, talents and traits to become a horseman or horsewoman and use these skills to further your horse. The program is divided into five Courses: Leadership, Unity, Feel, Engagement and Purpose.  Within these five Courses are the simple and balanced lessons you and your horse need to achieve your goals, without force and without breaking your horse’s spirit.  As you advance your skills and build your horse’s trust and confidence, you will experience how the Field Horsemanship Program carries you seamlessly through Natural Herd Development techniques to establish your relationship, and into natural psychology-based training skills, to advance your horsemanship into higher performance levels.

This evolution has taken Jonathan beyond his dreams, and he’s not stopping yet.  He is a gifted teacher, presenter and horseman with a driving passion to share his message.  A message that is proving amazing results world wide, with the Field Horsemanship Program now being adopted in England, Ireland, Europe, Australia and all over North America.  Join us in this moment in history when mankind achieves higher horsemanship and appreciates these wonderful creatures for who they are and what they’ve done for us.  It’s a time of more humane methods and true understanding of the horse.

Premiere – Tuesdays @ 1PM MT

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About John Lyons

John’s extraordinary ability to inspire and teach people how to become partners with their horses has launched a global training career that has spanned over 25 years. After a successful show career and gaining practical horse knowledge on his Colorado cattle ranch, John began giving training clinics and symposiums in 1980. With a background in education, he recognized people were eager for help with their horses and developed an extremely successful, solid training program that is unsurpassed.
As a pioneer in the clinician movement, John has been instrumental in changing the horse industry forever. Many of today’s training principles found their roots in John’s common-sense approach to people and horses. His philosophy on the snaffle bit influenced positive changes in the horse show circuit. His teaching methods have continually evolved over the years as a result of working with his best teachers – thousands of horses. His son Josh follows in his father’s footsteps. Continuing the legacy, Josh has made a name for himself in his own right as a respected horseman and clinician.