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About Future Food

Tonight there will be 219,000 new mouths to feed at the world’s dinner table — that’s 80 million more people over the next year. In the year 2050, there will be 9 billion people on planet Earth. How do we feed them fairly, safely and well, and make sure that every mouth is fed?

FUTURE FOOD is a highly topical new documentary series that asks how we are going to feed ourselves in the 21st Century, and looks for answers in Peru, Kenya, USA, India, Nigeria and China.

From the producers of the popular LIFE series on globalization and its effects on communities and people around the world.

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Premiere Thursdays @ 6:30pm MT!  Multiple airings throughout the week

Where?  Please view the LIST of current carriers of The Rural Channel

About Cook Like A. Champion

Chef Ace Champion combines his belief in the power of thought with an infusion of Louisiana style and Italian cuisine that is uniquely designed to inspire and bring out the inner chef in anyone.

Award winning Chef Ace Champion didn’t start his career in the kitchen, but his passion for cooking began years before his culinary career. Growing up in Louisiana, Ace found a passion for southern and creole cooking at a young age but soon found himself finding great success on the football field. After a successful fifteen year career as a semi-professional football player Chef decided to follow his childhood passion for cooking and has never looked back.

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