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 About World of Horse Breeds

Did you know there are over 90 breeds of horses in North America?  See an in-depth look at Rare Breeds, Endangered Breeds, Gaited Breeds, Feathered Breeds, Draft Breeds, Sport Horse Breeds and more in this Award Winning TV series.  You’ll understand why people gravitated to their breed, and how they have changed their life and lifestyle.  

Premiere – Wednesdays @ 7:30pm MT!

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 About Global Champions League 2019 Tour

Top riders from different countries unit to compete on the same team ensuring electrifying competitions in 17 stunning venues around the globe. 

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Have you ever watched real jousting? TRC Connects with a team of guys that call it normal.

100_73_1441917718694_WildAboutBarnsLogoThe Rural Channel is always working to bring you the best, never-before seen programs on Canadian TV and this time we are happy to announce Wild About Barns premiering this October on The Rural Channel! 

Old and new, simple and extravagant, urban and rural, barns remain a powerful symbol of the North American landscape. Join hosts Ariel Koester and Ingrid Schaffenburg for an engaging look at the wonderful world of barns where people and horses live, work and play.

Series Premiere – Saturday Oct. 24 @ 8PM MT!

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template_jonathanfield2_02 copyPremiere – Coming This Fall!

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About Jonathan Field Horsemanship

In 2006 Jonathan took all the theory, skills and experiences from his life with horses and integrated them into his own method of teaching people how to become excellent with their horses:  Jonathan Field Horsemanship, Inspired by Horses™.

Jonathan refers to his program as Inspired by Horses™ because it is the horses that inspired him to develop it.  It is a program designed with the horse in mind through every step while developing the relationship between horse and human, or the ultimate predator with the ultimate prey animal.  Teaching you to think the way a horse thinks keeps your horse interested in you, allowing you to gain access to something very special – the ultimate relationship with a horse.

With Jonathan’s natural ability to communicate, he’s made his program fun and easy to understand in a step-by-step format designed to teach you how to achieve your dreams with horses.

In addition to being a passionate teacher and gifted presenter, Jonathan is an amazing horseman on a quest to share his knowledge with horse lovers around the world. Join him on his journey and stay forever ‘Inspired by Horses’.


Photo:  ©Robin Duncan


Photo:  ©Robin Duncan


Premiere – Wednesdays @ 7pm MT!

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 About Longines Global Champions Tour

The tour brings together the top show jumpers in the world to compete in prestigious locations for unprecedented prize money. The 17 event tour offers some of the most explosive and exciting competition of any equestrian series. 


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8592poster_smallPremiere – Sundays @ 6:30PM MT

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 About Chris Cox

Chris’s half hour show takes an engaging, instructional, and entertaining look into true horsemanship. You will see Chris and the life of his horses, family, and business at the Diamond Double C Ranch in Mineral Wells, TX, as well as share his many friendships and experiences with horse owners all over the world. Each show, no matter where it is shot or what kind of horses Chris is working, will teach you new and different tips and information to aid you and your horse on the horsemanship journey.

Chris Cox has had a lifetime of education with the greatest, most important teacher of all, the horse. Raised on a cattle ranch in the wilds of Australia, Chris had opportunities that most horsemen of this day and age never experience. With only horses for transportation, Chris learned at an early age how to appreciate and distinguish the abilities and traditions of the great men and horses around him. He has developed a way to translate those discoveries into methods for the students he teaches today. Simply put, Chris Cox Horsemanship shows horse people how to get results.

Influenced in his early years by both English and Western traditions, Chris Cox has implemented a style and technique that can be applied universally between both horse worlds. A common sense, straightforward approach allows the average horseman, as well as the advanced rider, insight into horse behavior and leads them towards that ultimate goal…a versatile and useful partnership between human and horse. Chris has been conducting clinics and demonstrations for over 18 years and has been a successful trainer and major competitor in the cutting horse world. Chris travels worldwide spreading his message, hoping horsemen and women will come to understand and appreciate the horses in their lives.

Chris Cox provides demonstrations and clinics throughout the United States and the world, and performs several times a year at many events. You can also attend a seven-day, in-depth Horseman’s Course with Chris at his Outback Ranch located in Mineral Wells, Texas. These courses are designed to give horse enthusiasts a thorough, hands-on training experience that will last a lifetime.

On The Rural Channel you will find show premieres almost every night of the week so no matter what your interest, there’s always fresh content!  Check out the show page to find out when you can catch new episodes.

Week 4 of The Rural Channel’s coverage of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 brings you Individual Jumping and Para Dressage Competition!  

Airing info for the week are as follows:

Week 4:  Beginning Oct. 13

Discipline:  Individual Jumping Competition
Oct. 13 – Monday @ 11pm ET/8pm PT. 

Alternate Prime-time Airings:

  •         -Wednesday/Friday – 9pm ET/6pm PT
  •         – Sunday – 9:30pm ET/6:30pm ET
  •         -Along with these times, re-runs occur throughout each day!


Discipline:  Para Dressage Competition
Premiere:  Oct. 14 – Tuesday @ 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT. 

Alternate Prime-time Airings:

  •         -Thursday – 10pm ET/7pm PT
  •         -Saturday – 11pm ET/ 8pm CT
  •         -Along with these times, re-runs occur throughout each day!


Airing information and weekly schedules are available HERE.

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