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New Series!

032_WEG-official_port_RGBAre you excited for the upcoming FEI World Equestrian GamesTM (WEG) in Normandy, France?  You better believe we at The Rural Channel are so we made sure to bring you as much WEG coverage as possible and can proudly say we are the ONLY Television network in Canada doing so! 

To help curb, or fuel,  your excitement we are airing a special series produced by FEI called The Road To Normandy!  What is The Road To Normandy?  Here’s what FEI has to say about it:

 “The series documents the emotion and drama of the journey of different athletes to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian GamesTM 2014.

 Featuring sport, and both the human and equine stories behind it, we will witness relationships between horses, riders, grooms, owners and even the families of competitors; share their motivation, their highs and emotional lows that illustrate the unique values of equestrian sport.

Featuring athletes and teams from Australasia, North America, Scandanavia, Germany, the Middle East, Great Britain, The Benelux countries and France across the varied disciplines featured in Normandy, the series will present a unique view of the world’s best preparing for the ultimate competition for FEI gold.”

When?  The Road To Normandy series premier episode airs July 29, Tuesday at 10:30pm EST/9:30pm CT.  New episodes premier every Tuesday until September 2
Alternate Prime-time Airings:

  • Thursday 10pm EST/9pm CT
  • Sunday 10pm EST/ 9pm CT
  • Along with these times there are re-runs throughout the week as well


Full Series and WEG Information Available Here